Future Workforce Conference

Empowering Your Distributed Workforce

FEBRUARY 16–18, 2022 • Virtual Event


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Top Reasons to Attend the Future Workforce Conference This February 2022

Build and execute a workplace strategy for the changing workforce.

Enable new skills and workplace experiences by leveraging human-machine collaboration.

Drive digital transformation within your workforce by integrating new processes, strategies, and technologies.

Adapt operations and performance measurement for a distributed workforce.

Combine human intelligence with artificial intelligence to improve employee performance, well-being, and company efficiency

Experience a unique-gathering of corporate decision makers. See what’s driving success at other companies that can inspire innovation at your own

Faculty Includes:

Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor

Senior Vice President People Experience

Manisha Singh

Manisha Singh

Vice President, Employee Experience, Analytics and Digital HR

Josh Davies

Josh Davies

Chief Executive Officer
The Center for Work Ethic Development

Tracie Sponenberg

Tracie Sponenberg

Chief People Officer
The Granite Group

Pamela Brown

Pamela Brown

Employer Learning and Development Manager

Mary Lou Theobald

Mary Lou Theobald

Senior Manager, Technology Learning Services

Lara Quentrall-Thomas

Lara Quentrall-Thomas

Regency Recruitment and Resources Limited

Stacey Horn-Spirito

Stacey Horn-Spirito

Senior Director Human Resources
American Association of Critical Care Nurses - AACN

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Talent Culture

Sponsoring the Future Workforce Conference

The Future Workforce Conference enables vendors to engage directly with a targeted audience of decision-makers investing in digital, remote, and hybrid workforce solutions within their organizations. Learn more about how we can create a unique sponsor experience for your company. Please contact Kelly Hara.


Who Should Attend

Sessions are designed for corporate decision-makers from a remote, hybrid, or distributed workforce with responsibilities in:

  • Human Resources
  • Employee Experience & Engagement
  • Learning and Development
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Digital Workplace
  • Future Workforce
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • People Data & Analytics Strategy

See Your Company’s Opportunity in the Numbers

Teleworkers are an average of 35–40% more productive than their office counterparts 35 to 40 percent
54% of employees say they would change jobs for one that offered them more flexibility 54 percent
Organizations save an average of $11,000 per year per part-time telecommuter increase in dollars

(Source: Forbes)

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