Magda Sanchez

Operational Excellence Consultant
Dell Technologies
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Magda Sanchez’s Session(s):

10:30 am–11:15 am PDT — Thursday, October 8, 2020

Panel: Human Experience Transformation: Uniting Remote Workforce Innovation, Customer Experience, and World Impact

This session will dive into how organizations can drive human-centered innovation using the four maturity pillars of HX innovation success, including:

  • Human experience for a remote workforce: How to harness will, skill, scale, and strategy to drive truly globalized and decentralized inclusion for an innovation culture.
  • Human Experience for global operations: How to create frameworks that will capture contributions from the many within your workforce, but prioritize and augment a differentiated experience
  • HX Insights: How to build a democratized insights engine that captures what matters most, increases participation from your employees, and increases speed and impact.
  • HX Innovation: How to manage ideation and open innovation planning to ensure maximum engagement and breakthrough versus just break-fix.

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